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Our Homestead Offering

Sensation Estates Homestead Ownership program allows you to purcahse and maintain your own homstead without the requirement of owning a full region from Linden Lab. No added cost to the purchase and tier of the region, You pay what we pay!

What You get:
1. Full Control of your region
2. Weekly Tier Payments
3. Make your own rules!
4. No added markup Cost

1. Discounted Region Renames (Currently $35)
2. Discounted Region Moves (Currently $125)

We are able to offer discounts due to the amount of regions we own. We provide this service to residents at no cost becuase owning more regions will benefit us as well! We pass those benefits along to our owners!

Purchase a New Region

If you chose to purchase a new region through us, We can have it setup within a few hours. You chose your own region name and location.
The setup cost of a new region is L$40,000
New region purchases include one month of tier in the setup cost! Tier is to be paid BY the tier date, if tier is not paid the region may be abandoned.
Weekly Tier cost is L$7,500
Monthly Tier cost is L$30,000
Monthly Tier in US$110.00
You will be added to our Rental Office to pay your tier costs.

Purchase a Grandfathered Region

If you can arrange to have a Grandfathered Homestead transferred to us, We will accept the transfer and set the region up for you. Please note that the purchase price of the region will need to be paid directly to us in order to pay the seller of the region. All Grandfathered homestead transfers include a $150 USD Transfer fee.
Weekly Tier for a Grandfathered homestead is L$6,423
Monthly Tier for a Grandfathered homestead is L$25,692
Monthly Tier in US$95.00

Order Now! Please note with PayPal a 3% Fee is added to cover paypal fees.
If you canel the order before the region is setup you will be refunded in full EXCEPT for the 3% Fee (this is paypal's policy)

Region Name


Why should I buy a homestead through you?
Currently, Linden Lab only allows current estate owners to purchase and own Homesteads. We are offering the ability for those who are not fortunate enough to own a full region to purchase and own homesteads through us.

Why do you do it for no profit?
The more regions we hold with Linden Lab, the more discounts our estate is entitled to. We also pass these discounts along to our Homestead Owners as well! These discounts include Cheaper region Renames, and moves.

Can I only do homesteads?
No! Some of our Owners own Full Regions through us as well! They enjoy the flexability of being able to pay tier Weekly, rather than monthly. They also benefit from the dsicounts on those regions as well!

Can I sell my region?
Yes! You can list your region for sale, Or have us do it for you. You will be paid the current Buy rate in L$ of the exact amount your region sells for minus Transfer Fees. Current Homestead transfer fees are $100 USD each. Grandfathered Transfer fees are $150 USD Each.
We CAN offer this payout as a form of PayPal if you desire, Minus Linden Lab withdraw Fees.

Can I do ANYTHING with my region?
Yes, It is your region. As long as you are not breaking Linden Lab rules, You will be fine!

Can I place my region next to another region?
If you have the permission of the current region's owner, We will be glad to place your region next to another.

I have more questions, What should I do?
Feel free to contact Sonof Marvin immediately.
Or email Support